Beneficial Tips When Suffering From Blurry Vision

Having trouble seeing clearly can be startling, and it can even put you in some life-threatening situations if you are not careful. In order to improve your vision, you can consider these tips: Eat Healthy Foods You can improve your eyesight naturally simply by eating foods that have the right nutrients for your eye health. Specifically, eating a lot of kale is great for your eyes because it's rich in vitamins that can benefit your eyesight.

Important Information About Cataract Surgery For Children

It is easy to associate the need for cataract surgery with older people, but unfortunately 3-4 children out of 100,000 bron in the United States each year have congenital cataracts. In addition, that statistic only represents the cataracts that can be easily seen at the time of birth. Since there are many other children born with cataracts that are diagnosed later, it's actually more of a problem than most people know.

4 Toys To Skip For Your Kids' Eye Health This Summer

As summer approaches, parents across the country are stocking up on toys to keep their little ones occupied while out of school. There are some toys that should be avoided though. Some toys can be a real risk for serious eye injuries. Here are some toys you should avoid buying when shopping for your kids.  Water Guns Water guns are one of the most popular toys to buy during the summer, but they also can cause eye injury.