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3 Things To Do Before Your Eye Appointment

You should get your eyes checked regularly. Not only will that help track your vision and any changes happening to your vision but your eye doctor can also warn you about your overall health because they see specific signs or changes in your eyes. If you haven't been to see an eye doctor in a while, you should set up an appointment to see one. You want to make sure that you are prepared for your eye exam. What are some things that you can do to get ready for your appointment?

Current Medications

You should list all your medications, including any over-the-counter meds or supplements you take. You might not think this is a really important step, but it is. That's because some medications or combinations of medications can affect your vision. You could tell the assistant all of your meds, but it's easier to write down the names and dosages. You won't forget anything and can just hand the list over to the doctor or assistant. 

List Your Symptoms

If you have any vision or eye problems, you should write them down before your appointment. If you see symptoms only happening at certain times of the day or after specific triggers, put that on your list too. The more information you can give the eye doctor, the better they will be able to help you. Creating a list will make it easier to refer back to when your doctor asks you questions. On that same list, you can list any questions you might have for the doctor. Keeping everything together on one list makes one less thing that you have to remember to take with you. 

Check Your Family History

Some eye problems have a genetic component, meaning there is an increased risk that you might eventually have one of those diseases. Talk to your parents or other family members to find out if any of those eye problems have shown up in your family. You should also ask about diabetes, high blood pressure, and other physical illnesses because they can affect your vision. 

If you are going to see a new eye doctor, one you haven't seen in a while, or going in for your very first ever eye appointment, you want to make sure that you are prepared. You can do things that will make it easier for you when you go to your appointment. 

Contact an eye doctor for more information.