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4 Toys To Skip For Your Kids' Eye Health This Summer

As summer approaches, parents across the country are stocking up on toys to keep their little ones occupied while out of school. There are some toys that should be avoided though. Some toys can be a real risk for serious eye injuries. Here are some toys you should avoid buying when shopping for your kids. 

Water Guns

Water guns are one of the most popular toys to buy during the summer, but they also can cause eye injury. Water guns and water balloon launchers can cause eye problems, such as retinal detachment. Retinal detachment can lead to temporary and permanent vision loss. 

There is another possible injury related to the water in the toy. Dirty water that is sprayed into the eyes from the gun or launcher can lead to an infection. 

Toy Guns

Any toy gun that shoots any kind of projectile can pose a risk to your child's eye health. This risk even applies to toy guns that shoot soft projectiles, such as cushy darts. The problem is the speed at which the projectiles are shot from the toy guns. This is especially true when they are used within close range. 

Laser Pointers

Even thought laser pointers are not considered toys, many parents buy them for their children to keep them entertained. Laser pointers can cause a host of problems when pointed directly at the eyes, including corneal abrasions and scotoma. Your child's vision can be temporarily impacted and he or she can suffer from headaches. 

The higher the power of the laser pointer, the higher the potential for damage. Your child could end up needing surgery to correct another possible injury. A cavity can develop in the retina, which could require surgery to remove scarred tissue. 

Aerosol String

Chemical conjunctivitis  is a type of pink eye that results from exposure to chemicals, such as those found in aerosol string. The string can also lead to eye irritation, which can quickly turn to a serious eye infection when your child rubs his or her eyes to soothe the irritation that has developed.

There are some other toys that could possibly be harmful to your child's vision. Before buying your summer toys, contact your family's eye care center or an optometrist (such as Byrne William) to learn what you should and should not avoid. You can also schedule an examination for your child's eyes to ensure that he or she is ready for the holiday break.