Improving Your Look

Beneficial Tips When Suffering From Blurry Vision

Having trouble seeing clearly can be startling, and it can even put you in some life-threatening situations if you are not careful. In order to improve your vision, you can consider these tips:

Eat Healthy Foods

You can improve your eyesight naturally simply by eating foods that have the right nutrients for your eye health. Specifically, eating a lot of kale is great for your eyes because it's rich in vitamins that can benefit your eyesight. Kale also has a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, two pivotal antioxidants that can fight eye-damaging free radicals.

Corn is another great vegetable to eat, which also contains a high amount of zeaxanthin and lutein. Plus, there are many different ways to prepare corn, so the taste doesn't have to become bland to you throughout the months. Other foods that can help improve eyesight include spinach, carrots and broccoli.

Get Help From an Optometrist

If you want to improve your eyesight as quickly as possible, it's a good idea to get help from an optometrist. This eye specialist can have you perform a refraction test. This is where you look through a machine called a phoropter. The specialist changes out the lenses inside the machine until you can see the letters perfectly. Then, they will prescribe you that lens to help improve your vision instantly.

It's critical to choose the right type of lens for your glasses. High-index plastic prescription lenses are ideal because they are thin and lightweight. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your glasses weighing your head down throughout the day.

Get Lasik Surgery

You may not like the sensation of having contacts in your eyes or glasses on your face. In either case, you can get Lasik surgery instead. This type of surgery involves using a femtosecond laser to create a thin flap in your eye's cornea. An excimer laser is then used to remove some of your corneal tissue.

Your cornea is then reshaped, which allows it to more accurately focus light on your retina. In turn, you will have better vision. A great thing about this procedure is that your vision is corrected almost immediately after it is completed. It's important that you wear protective sunglasses after the procedure, as your eyes are going to be sensitive to light for a couple of days.

If you have blurry vision, it's a good idea to consider these eyesight tips. They will help improve your vision, so you can move around your environment in a safe and happy way. To learn more, contact a company like Linden Optometry PC with your questions.