Congenital Cataracts: Treatment Options

There is a common misconception that cataracts are only found in seniors, but it can impact people of all ages. If your newborn has been diagnosed with cataracts, or congenital cataracts, getting treatment as soon as possible is important to avoid future visual problems. Before your newborn undergoes treatment, it is important for you to know what options are available.  Is Surgery Necessary? In some instances, your child's doctor might not recommend surgery to remove the cataracts. [Read More]

Are You Color Blind? Find Out With These Simple (And Free) Tests

Color blindness is a misunderstood phenomenon. It doesn't mean you see in only black and white: it means certain colors don't register in your visual spectrum. Many people go through life without realizing they even have this condition. If you're concerned you might, try out one of these free online tests. They can help give you a simple diagnosis that can serve as a useful guide for a professional eye care specialist. [Read More]

Veterans May Be Eligible For Vision Assistance

It isn't always easy getting help with medical issues as a veteran, and vision care is no different. Whether your eyesight was severely limited due to military service or seems to be getting significantly worse now that you're out of the service, an optometrist may be able to help you maintain focus. Consider a few ways that an optometrist can help you with your vision problems as well as related financial issues: [Read More]

Spray Paint On Your Glasses? You Can Get It Off!

Spray paint is an easy enough product to use, but the paint can easily get away from you. By the time you have completed your project, you could very well have paint all over your hands, arms, face, hair and even your glasses. Removing the paint from your skin and hair can be a challenge, but how do you get the paint off of your glasses? Below, you will find a step-by-step explanation of how to safely remove spray paint from your glasses. [Read More]