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The Best Eyeglass Frame Styles For Young Children

If you have a young child who needs glasses, you want to make sure you choose a durable pair that is both comfortable and stylish. You have many styles of frames to choose from, from plastic to metal to half-frames of either material, and it can be difficult to decide which ones will work best for your young one. After all, you want your child to feel comfortable in their new frames as well as confident in wearing them. When looking for eyeglass frames for your young child, keep the following tips in mind.


If you worry about your child bending or twisting their frames out of play or curiosity, then you want to consider flexible frames that are designed to move without being damaged. These frames are often made with a memory titanium material that is lightweight and returns to its original position after being manipulated. If you are choosing flexible frames, half-rim glasses may be best to avoid accidentally popping out lenses, and metal frames are a wiser option than plastic, which can break with too much pressure.


The stronger a child's prescription is, the thicker their lenses may be, which means you need to choose as lightweight frames as possible. Plastic frames may be a wise choice in this scenario, as they are lighter than most metal frames and come in a variety of fun colors your young one will appreciate. If you want metal frames, stick to alloy styles with steel nose pieces for durability as well as light weight.


Comfort levels are different for each child. Some children appreciate a nose piece to keep their glasses in place, making metal frames the better choice. Others like the free movement of plastic frames. Have your child try on many styles of glasses then have them move their head up and down and side to side vigorously when wearing different frames to see how strongly they stay on. After a few minutes your child should be able to pinpoint any pressure areas of discomfort, such as behind the ears or over their nose, to tell you if a certain frame is uncomfortable or a strong fit.

When it comes to choosing eyeglass frames, you have many options to pick from for your young child. Take comfort, weight, and flexibility into consideration as well as quality and durability, and you can help your child choose a pair of frames they will love until their prescription changes again. Click here for info on on choosing eyeglass frames.